01.21.04 5:21 pm
im your regular doubting debbie.

i am totally dysfunctional and innapropriate.

i am missing a tooth. at times i can very much look like a decent-looking guy. my hair is thin, and so am i. i have your average amount of teenage acne about my face, which is way too fucking much if you ask me. i have a very icky smile. what im lacking in the boob department, i more than make up for in the ass. im definately not rich. sometimes im quite lost when it comes to style (due to the aforementioned). im constantly laughing or giggling. i say stupid things. i have little balance and loose it often. since i have scoliosis, one of my legs is a bit longer than the other. you guys probably couldnt notice but i sure can. im a fucking cheeseball sometimes. im an ass. sometimes i have bitchy spells. im oblivious. i cant take hints. im shy. im really timid sometimes. i dunno.

theres so much that i hate about myself, i have so little confidence.

how does jeff tell me he loves me?

its been real.