01.24.04 11:13 am
so everythings back to normal... unfortunately

well take everything i said in that one vague entry and tone it down a bit. i talked with mom last night, and everythings not as definite as i thought it was. she also reassured me that if it did happen, hed be paying out the nose, and we wouldnt have to move. so im a little less stressed about that.

today im probably going to my sisters house. austin has a basketball game tonight, so ill watch him play then stay the night. i promised her wed eat mexican next time i visited, so ole!

so everythings back to normal, which means jeff and i didnt do anything last night. it really makes me wonder whats going through his head. does he not want to see me? i wanted to make plans with him today, but we might have to leave before he wakes up... so i dunno. no, i do know... nothing will happen.

askldfjaskdfj! this is so pathetic and stupid! im an embarassement to girlfriends world wide!

its been real.