01.30.04 2:38 pm
hobos are way more interesting

ugh, first the family outing and now michael wants me to come to his birthday party? what the hell. this is the worst snow day ever, i think.

the family outing was really short, so in all actuality, it wasnt that bad. i got the ben folds album, im listening to it right now. lovely. we also got a new phone. its one of those that you can buy extra phones with that dont need jacks for. so we got another phone and put it in my room. cause i desperately needed one and im not about to get mr un-handy man to install a jack. so yay.

right now my parents are out eating lunch.

i AM doing something this weekend, damnit!

oooh, i just remembered my parents are going to a superbowl party sunday. i really dont want to go. its my dads friends and ill be the only kid my age there, and there will only be two young kids there besides. my dad will end up drinking too much and god, he is the most obnoxious drunk. *flashes back to farens wedding* its really embarassing. i think thats really helping me not to want to drink. mom wants me to bring jeff, cause shell probably end up dropping me and kasey off at farens party anyways. but i dunno about him spending 45 minutes in our gay ass van with my gay ass family... *sigh*.

tee hee, im going crazy!!

i really dont want to go to michaels party. i wish hed stop calling me. oh jeeeeff...

blech, itsbeenreal.