01.31.04 3:51 pm
the issue of hatred

i really fucking hate the oc and parts of ellegirl magazine. (sh, its a guilty pleasure.) i dunno know why, really, but when my favorite bands begin to mainstream... it pisses me off. i dont like to share music. and i really hate it when im forced to share it with a bunch of fucking teeny boppers and drama queens who watch the o fucking c.

remember when i wanted ballet slippers awhile back? well guess what? they were featured in ellegirl as some sort of trend, i guess. thats one more thing ive predicted in the fashion word. ive yet to get a pair though... *sigh*

im also pissed about jeff. i seriously dont understand why a guy wouldnt express even the slightest intrest in hanging out with his girlfriend. its driving me mad and making me sad. i know, im so deep.

so, im a procrastinator extraordinaire. even though i was stressing about those art projects, i havent even touched them yet. i guess ill just put them off till tomorrow. why do i just sit here when its driving me crazy? im so wrong.

my parents are out grocery shopping. im so bored.

its been real.