02.01.04 8:08 pm
slow motion insanity, instant-reply heartbreak

i watch the super bowl for the commercials. and so far all ive seen is my art grade go down the drain. ive left about 4 pencils that i desperately need to finish the project at school. i wouldve had it done, no problem, but its just my luck.

the sky outside was beautiful when i took lori out. i wanted to have it, so i ran back in, dragging her at the leash, and grabbed my digital camera. it doesnt make sense to me that i can see the sky, but the camera cant. it also makes me want to cry, because the night sky is one of the most awesome things ever. so i walked around with my head up. i wanted contact, but i was utterly alone.

my parents are at the party, mom isnt having much fun and dad is getting drunker by the minute. i just got a call from mom, thats how i know!

the musical stylings of ben folds five arent really helping the situation either.

where the fucks...?

forget it.

its been real.