02.09.04 4:52 pm
my mood is about 12340582853400% better.

wow. i guess i was overreacting? jeff acted the opposite that i did, he was even more "affectionate" than usual. and jake kept laughing at me and teasing me, trying to get me to see that it wasnt such a big deal. he emphazised that by telling josh cooper and getting him to tease me, too. so its all good. i guess i shouldnt be so hard on myself.

today the real klutz in me came out. stage craft was a serious disaster! first off, im shaking up a can of paint as im walking backstage. when i get to where everyones stuff is at, the paint can leaks and i sling paint everywhere! all over the carpet and a couple of peoples jackets, and of course, on myself. so i try to clean that up. later were (me, ashley, and rachel) are painting and chatting when i brush ashleys hair with paint. i apologize and ask to make sure it will come out. then someone comments on how were painting with oil based paint. that stuff is the fucking worst! so im getting off the chair im standing on (we were painting a door frame) and in the process i fall backwards knocking the chair over. the oil paint just happened to be on that chair as well. so theres a huge puddle of white oil paint on the ground, but thankfull we had a drop cloth down! so we spent the rest of the block "cleaning". actually that probably only took about 15-20 mintues. after that we (plus jake) just hung out, talking and what not. today was actually quite nice in that class. this weeks of to a grand start!

espcially since we are suppost to get snow/rain with freezing temperatures for the next few nights. so hopefully well miss a day or three. santina told me to call her if we miss, so that should be fun.

im wary about the upcoming weekend though. as you know, valentines (a purely commercial holiday but im being a hypocrit this year cause ive got a beau!) day is saturday. theres also a kick ass show in portland on friday... the 13th! dannys band will be playing there, as will some gave all. so if jeff isnt going to his dads house this weekend... who knows? otherwise i doubt ill do anything cause like ive said before, i dont think my mom would make the trip to take me to and from the portland area. though i could always hitch a ride from a band... *winkwink* just kidding!

wow, its only monday and im already trying to plan the weekend. worthless, completely worthless.

damnit! remind me i need to go get my little notice of attendance form soon. i need to get my permit this month if i want my license before junior year. ah, so lazy!

its been real.