02.15.04 12:00 pm
mom: do you want to go to hell? me: yup!

my dad said it was a crisis. my mom was yelling and screaming. faren says its bullshit.

im telling you people, just because i dont want to go to church doesnt mean im the fucking anti-christ!

its just something about a building full of people all drooling over one person/thing/idea that just isnt appealing to me. that and i think every single one of them is a hypocrite.

dad tried to talk to me. he ended by asking if there was something about him i didnt like. god, theres a lot of things. but i told him no. seriously, what are you suppost to say? its my father for crying out loud. but then, then he asked me if there was anything i liked about him. im pretty sure i answered that one with an "i dunno." when really what i was thinking was, "well, youre always gone, thats cool."

mom went to m'boro today and reluctantly took kasey. mom wanted to leave her here with me for fear id run away or have a boy over or something. for fucks sake woman! whats going on?

i wish i had gone though. farens all excited about the possibility of me going to prom. the more i think about it though, the less likely i think itll happen. jeff and co are anti-prom all of a sudden. *sigh*

mom said shed take me shopping tomorrow, but after this mornings fiasco, i doubht thatll happen. i think its so fucking hilarious how theyre acting like im the devil reincarnate and im going to kill them all or something. holy shit. its just beyond me.

hey, in exactly ten months, ill be 17!

yeah, that was random.

its been real.