02.16.04 5:11 pm
*possesed* take me to the mall!!!!

im having so much fun with this "anti christ" thing. ive turned it into a joke and now im back to doing whatever i want. whenever i want something now, i asked for it like im possesed by the devil. good times.

yesterday i went to m'boro. they got loads of snow and theyre south of us! not cool! i hung out with faren. we went grocery shopping, played cards, talked, the usual. i tried on this dress. i didnt really like it, it was one of those thin fitted ones. faren said it made me look gross cause im so skinny. i guess it kinda did, my hips were poking out the front a bit. there are so many hott guys in m'boro. i guess its all those college kids.

today i went shopping. i got two skirts, a demin jacket, two polos, and this little army-ish shirt thing. all for only about $150. mom has to take one of the skirts back, its too big. see? sometimes you need the smaller size, geez!

im glad to be going back to school tomorrow. my family is insane and i want to see goeff. i have another therapist visit though, one in which the mom and the dad must sit in on. were discussing the recent divorce thing. im sensing major awkwardness ahead.

well, *eyes roll back into head and voice becomes raspy* its been real.