02.17.04 7:09 pm
you wouldnt know, but stagecraft was fun today

i really dont think spending an hour talking about myself with a therapist is helping my little narcsisism (sp) problem. though todays session went well. she asked me questions that i had no answer to. yes, my friends, she caught me. my parents sat in on this one, and they talked a bit too. and people, it was the first time i didnt cry at the therapists! wow!

today all i ate untill 5ish was one of those kick ass icecream sandwiches at school. let me tell you, i was feeling sick.

i also, due to circumstances, left a tampon in for about 12 hours. if im not at school tomorrow, ive died from tss.

i dont think ill ever get used to jeffs haircut. why are some parents stupid like that? let your son wear his hair long! he can only do it for so long, cause when hes 30, when you finally let him live his life, hell just look stupid. *sigh* though his eyes are pretty.

you know whats hilarious? going back and reading your old stuff. i read some of mine yesterday. there was some stuff from when i first met jeff. it took me awhile to learn his name, i couldnt for the life of me remember it at first. hahaha.

art 2 is getting frustrating. mrs kandros came over and totally fucked it up. i know she was just trying to get me to go dark... but sladkfjsa! god im anal.

before i start talking about jeff some more, ill end it here.

its been real.