02.21.04 9:13 pm
the parties, i swear, it never ends!

i dunno, i guess im just a brat. i just really wanted to see jeff last night. haha, what if there really was a "family emergency"? that just sounds so stupid though. and he wouldnt tell me what it was. bleh! do i worry too much?

so i started to take the steroids today! you know, if someone had reminded me that i was getting such a small dose, i wouldve started them yesterday. there was no change in my appetite or the way i acted. yeah, i had a few "moments" but thats totally normal for me. now im just hoping this takes care of that punk ass rash.

i made a brief appearance at a star party tonight. you know, the things where astronomers get together with their telescopes and look at the sky. i wasnt too happy at being forced to go, but after i got there, i didnt mind. its so awesome to see all the stars and planets and galaxies and what-not. so beautiful. we had to go way out in gallatin to this park. the lights are too bright in hendersonville. i dont think we really have a rural part... its mostly suburban, right? and damn, the park lights are so bright! it makes me so curious to look off my deck and see artificial day... whats going on, anyways?

lalala, so im trying to work on a super-collab tonight. i think only one of the three other people have drawn their part, and im the last. i really want to do this tonight, but i dunno where that "chris p" girl is. "vyce" has done her part, and it looks awesome. i dunno if i can do that well! here it is if you wanna check it out. when its finished, my part will be the lower right corner, i think. im really curious as to what "scoth" will be doing. his stuffs so awesome and different! gah, i dont think im good enough for this, hahaha.

wow im bored. i feel so lame. its saturday night... but its not like i normally go out or anything.

i wonder how "save the lot" went? i really wanted to go! i still havent seen dannys band yet! i cant believe noone wanted to go! i would have, but i hate doing junk like that alone. oh well. i need to learn to be more... i dunno.

well... i guess ill just go watch another "heart warming family film" with my mom. i know, im so fucking wild.

its been real.