02.23.04 5:30 pm
what what? michael went to save the lot?

holy fucking shit im sooooo excited! in a little over two weeks, ill have my tooth! asl;dkfjasd!! i went to the periodontist this afternoon and they told me about these new implants where its all cut and dried the first visit. the only thing they have to do later if put in the permanent crown. ill be wearing a temp for the 6 months it takes for the thing to be accepted by my body. im so fucking glad! on march 12 (friday), in about 18 days, i wont have a gap anymore! im soooo excited! the only thing im nervous about is the sedation. i really hate not being in control of myself (though ive never experienced a high or anything) and ill be out of it for a couple of days. oh my god you guys, this is fucking awesome! you have no idea! aslkdfja!!!

on a much heavier (though not important) note... actually, forget it. i was just going to whine but i dont feel like it. im excited!

i wore that th shirt today, and got muchos complimentos. i even got one from mitchel! the future clothes designer! my life is complete...

stage craft rocked today. mostly because me and jake skipped and hung out with alan in his computer class. there are a bunch of hott guys in that class. so we hung out and talked. it was great. of course, we did more than that, but that was the highlight. i think we might stop by his class more often.

haha, i knew it! jeffs family emergency was hanging out with the guys. i dunno why he didnt just tell me that. its so funny, it wouldntve pissed me off at all if he had just told me he wanted to hang with the guys, but lying like that (even one that small) pissed me off bunches. *sigh*

lala, three more days of 'roids.


do i make things awkward?

its been real.