02.24.04 5:41 pm
yes, im getting all interactive!


dads called me three times this afternoon. three! i was trying to nap! and i hate to break it to ya dad, but calling me and chatting isnt going to fix the relationship problems. its just annoying.

dad: im just trying to talk, you dont talk anymore.

me: it happens.

and what little he did ask about, i lied to him. i give him answers that will force him to talk about something else. instead of telling what really happened and continuing the conversation with elaborations, i... dont.

i dunno, i guess my parents are closer to divorce. its little things that are adding up, i think.

i feel horrible because instead of getting to nap, i was in that half-awake-sate-of-bordering-on-sleep-deal. and thats not cool. so now i feel gross.

hahaha, today jeff was on me upstairs and was moving me toward the wall, and in an attemp to find my balance (cause you know i dont have any) and trying to find a spot to put my foot (we throw all our backpacks on the ground) i crushed jeffs foot. i thought it was funny. he just started saying, "oooooow" and i was like, "oh, is that your foot? i thought it was a backpack hahaha." good times. im so klutzy.

me and jake skipped the last few minutes of stage craft, but we decided there was really nowhere to go and noone to hang out with. so we went back and messed around with the rest of the kids.

i dont feel like talking about the black history assembly. too much detail. it was funny though. me and ashlie were trying so hard not to laugh out loud during the performances, but some of the faces those singers were making were hilarious! and then someones cell phone started ringing and it was the dumbed tune. i was crying. jake and i were trying to start the rounds of appluase. i started two (almost 3!) and almost clapped before a song was over and jake only started one.

jeffs class came to the assembly but he didnt sit with me. so i didnt go to him after the show. take that! yeah that was insanely stupid.

i wish my sister would leave. god i cant stand her. yeah, im just grumpy and anal now cause of my crappy nap.

and now thanks to her ive lost my train of thought.

i did download a neato ring for my cellular phone last night. "come together" by the bealtes (duh). its kinda lame though, cause it only like repeats the first bit of the song. it doesnt even do the "come together, right now (dun dun dun dun) over me" part. wtf?

i like looking at my layout, but its not me. its too orange. i found a neat converse one, but it doesnt have many links, and im not too confident about adding my own. i found a neat subway one, but its got a girl in it and i dont like people template (except the naked men, c'mon, who can resist a couple of frolicking asses?). well, now im forcing you to look at them just because im that cruel. look at them now and tell me! tell me! which ones works best?

the chuck one

the lime one

the subway one

the dot one

its been real.