02.25.04 4:43 pm
my day in one long droning paragraph

today was nice. i was really happy all day long. dunno why really. tomorrow is my last day on steroids! i dunno though, i think the rash might be coming back. today the friendship fork was born! i tired to pass it on, but it was rejected. i went to another assembly and me and ashlie burst out laughing again. this time it was because someone said "tried to steal her treasure" instead of "tried to have sex with her". holy crap that was funny. ashlie said she doesnt think blake likes her. so maybe its just blake. i dont really like talking to jeff online anymore. he acts kinda lame. hes fine at school. im tired. im lazy. i think i might try to take another nap. im kinda frustrated but thats not important. steven cox tried to talk to me on the bus. it was kinda annoying. i downloaded a new image for my cellular phone last night, its awesome. today mom was going to "take away the damn phone." later she asked where it was and it old her it was in my bag. she never took it away.

its been real.