02.28.04 6:03 pm
yeah, im lame... but im proud!

only about 13 days untill i get my tooth implanted! im so excited!

i havent written in awhile, nothing new or exciting has happened.

a kid threw up in geography friday. it was really gross. i didnt cry or anything, so that was good. although i was really shaky and kinda faint. the only reason im talking about this is because i have an unconditional fear of vomit/throwing up. i dont think "unconditional" is the word for it, i just cant think of the appropriate one. anywho, instead of giving myself the virus like last time i witness someone get sick, i held myself together untill fourth block. i was just feeling so psuedo bad that i texted my dad to pick me up. i never got sick but ive had one hell of a headache all day today. but honestly, who gets drunk on a thursday?

yesterday i bought the flaming lips album. i absolutely love it! im so glad i bought it. i paid for it with the money i got for licking a wall thursday. i think jake is right, steven has a think for me... sdkljf;asdf! not cool.

im thinking ill have to go to sunday school tomorrow. *sigh* oh well.

its been real.