03.03.04 4:40 pm

gah i like jeff sooo much. maybe thats the reason ive been so deliriously happy lately? im just so happy to see him and stuffs! *explodes* every morning he tries to kiss me. its so cute. i let him yesterday. he took me home yesterday, too. i find myself thinking about him a lot. i wonder if he thinks about me a lot, too? we had a... different conversation last night. it made me laugh when he talked about what would "boost our relationship". theres so much i could say and im so happy, but im getting really school-girly so ill just stop.

today was nice, except i wasnt as happy as usual. dunno why really.

in art i kinda wasted time. we had a substitute (it was charlie brown! he rocks). at the end of class i randomly screamed. it was so weird and i was kinda embarassed afterwards. i dunno, hayley walked by and i thought i heard a pig snort or something so i like jumped and screamed. i was really scared, too. i felt so scared for that split second. weird.

im geography we watched a movie and i tried to supress my laughter. i laugh too much at nothing. dylan and "melvin" werent here, so that kinda blew, but i got along ok. dustin filled the hole a little, but i was still surrounded by empty desks (cedric was gone too, twas a band trip).

we had first lunch today, that was ok. i was really hyper and bouncing around like a child. in geometry we had a test and i think i passed. maybe not well, but i passed.

in stage craft i nearly got caught skipping. i basically wandered the halls with jake and rachel (god shes so annoying, i wish shed go away!). we ran into alex, that hot redhead that works at target. im pretty sure he thinks im pure psycho. he has such a way of talking though.

wow, i havent talked about my day like that in quite awhile. its kinda lame that i do.

asdfjklasdkfj! i want him!

i didnt get that mod job and im kinda pissed off about it. im freakin awesome, but they chose that canadian girl. bleh!

im so sad about whitney and colby though. theyre like best friends to the max, but theyre fighting. im seriously going to talk to him about it tomorrow. this has got to stop! you dont understand, theyre whitney and colby. *sigh*

its been real.