03.04.04 6:30 pm
rachel and alex? how could this be? hes so hott

"you liked that didnt ya?"


"i was dry humping you."

there isnt a word for that kid. hes insane. <3 <3 <3

today was nice, but i have a headache now.

i love how people never remind me about up coming doctors appointments! i went to the therapist this afternoon. we talked for about the first 15 minutes and then tried to think of things to talk about for the next 30 minutes and then talked about talking for the last 15. shes going to give me some self help books for the bad conversationist next time i see her. which is st patricks day. boo!

one week and one day and ill have my tooffie! im sooo excited! im really scared about being drugged up though.

im really happy about art. mrs kandros says my charcoal drawing is beautiful! *beams* i love this junk! i need to start doing feild studies so i can be in art honor society and get a scholorship. *sigh*

im tres happy. i cant wait for this weekend. if i dont get to be with jeff youd better watch out. ill be murderous!

its been real.