03.08.04 5:58 pm
how many times do i have to establish my utter dorkdom?

ok ok, the only thing that bothers me is this:

"I'm as free as a bird now...

and this bird, you cannot change"

and he had that in before we broke up. i was totally not holding him down!

also, if he ends up going to prom, i think ill kill someone, because he wouldnt take me when he liked me. the end.

maybe i am bummed. now that im not around anyone and i dont have to act like i do. they say its better to have loved and lost... blah blah (i wasnt in love). but id rahter not have "loved" cause right now i miss that feeling. knowing someone liked you and what not.

man, i think im the moodiest girl ever.

its been real.