03.11.04 6:28 pm
morning of the magician!

alright you guys! tomorrow is the day! it will be a pretty busy one, too!

tomorrow morning i probably wont get to sleep in. im headed straight to the dmv to finally get my permit! i better pass or else! ive got to remember to wear something with an interesting collar for my pic. hahaha. last time i tried to go i wore a scarf... but i dont think thatd be too appropriate now.

then i gots to take my sedatives at 12pm. im really nervous about that. ive blacked out a couple times, but ive never been drugged before. ive always opted for the shots at the dentists rather than the gas. im just not too keen on not being in total control of myself. so anywho! the appointment is at 1, and the surgery should only last about an hour, i think. im pretty nervous about that, too. i think ill e awake during, and ive no clue what to expect. theyve got to pull back the gum and expose the bone, then drill, and i think theyll be adding a little bone graph, too. or whatever thats called. then theyll screw in the post and add the little temporary crown and viola! i dunno when ill be getting the permanent one put on, my dentist has to make it. im pretty exctied though! that gap will finally be gone! i wont look like a hick anymore! *cries*

sooner or later ill have to go back to the orthodontist and get a new retainer. boooo, i hate impressions!

um, thats basically all i have to say right now. today was a pretty good day, considering.

i think im going to rent a bunch of movies tomorrow so ill have something to do friday and saturday. im not allowed to go anywhere because the drugs wont wear off for a couple days. the upside? i just told mrs money i cant babysit sunday morning. hehehe!

its been real.