03.14.04 11:35 am
hahaha, my mouth is so gross looking!

alright! i think i can stay awake long enough to update now!

of course, since yesterday was so busy and stuff, i started my period. hey! why not throw cramps, pads, tampons, and more blood into the mix! sheesh.

well, yesterday morning dad had a dr appointment, so i didnt get to the dmv till 9:45. so i got my ticked (C19) and forms and sat down. let me be the first to tell you that the dmv is like the #1 hot spot for shady people! amongst all the hicks, mexicans, and pregnant teens, i saw elvis! no joke! at first i couldnt tell if it was a man or woman, but i decided it was a he. he had black curly hair, but it was slicked back. he was wearing huge aviator sunglasses and a jacket, dark khakis, and some worn sneakers. i kept looking at him and laughing to myself. it was kinda creepy though, because i could never tell where he was looking behind those glasses. he took them off for a secong to reveal his dark baggy eyes. they were muchos creepy. later he messed with his hair. i was kinda taken aback when he undid a bun to reveal his long greasey hair. he took it down and ran his fingers through it and left it on his shoulders. he looked like that evil woman from matilda. i was glad when he put in back in a bun. i stopped looking at him and laughing in case hed take it as flirting. i was creeped out by him after awhile. well, after waiting almost three hours, i had to leave without getting my permit. there was no way i could get it and make my appointment. they were only on C15 at noon.

so at 12 i took my pills and we were on our way. i was a little scared, i admit. i get to the office at 15 til, and wait. im starting to get tired from the pills. they take me back and do a few x-rays.

then i go to my room. the surgery really wasnt that big a deal, it was done in like a dentist office setting. i lay in the chair while the nurse gets things together. then they hook me up to a machine that takes my pulse and blood pressure. then they put an iv in my arm with drugs to knock me out or something. then they numb my gums a little with some goo and give me about six shots in the roof of my mouth/gum area. it hurt a little, yeah. you know, i think i was immune (sp?) to the anesthesiac (sp, hah), because i was awake and very aware the whole time. i even asked them a few questions while they were operating on me. i wonder if they appreciated that very much? it was so weird though. i could hear the drills and feel them pushing against my head. it was crazy! the whole time, dr peden would stop every-so-often to take pictures. im hoping i can get copies. there was one point during the surgery when i could feel blood drippng on my tongue. so weird.

after surgery was over i layed in the room a bit while they cleaned up. then i had to get more x-rays done. they wheeled me out to the van (though i insisted i could walk) and i was on my way home. they said i was the best patient they had all day. and i dont know why i felt compelled to add that, haha.

all day before and after surgery, jake had been sending me text messages. that was sweet.

going against drs orders, we stopped by hollywood video to get some movies. we rented about 6, haha. then i went home. i changed into pajamas and bugged mom untill she went to the store to buy my list of "no chew foods". dr peden said i could eat, as long as i didnt bite down on the implant, but i was too scared. lets see, i dont really remember what happend after i ate lunch... i guess i kinda conked out. the same happened after i woke up and ate dinner. i went right back to sleep. i woke up again at midnight to take more pills, and the whole house was still awake. i think i lasted about 10 minutes.

thats basically all i did saturday. id wake up every 6 hours to take pills and eat and then go right back to sleep. pretty uneventful. one time though, i took two painkillers instead of just one. my body couldnt handle it and i passed out in about 5 minutes. i was left feeling extremely groggy and gross.

im happy to say i havent taken any naps today! my lip is still really swollen, but its gone down a little. and i took a shower today! i feel so refreshed! moms going to take me and kasey out to eat and maybe shop a little. that is, if i can last.

uuugh, now my sister is bugging me and ive totally lost my train of thought.

tomorrow dad is going to take me out of school and im going to try my luck at the permit thing again. ill bring my cd player this time.

oh! right now ive got a temporary crown on my implant. its like 5x yellower than my teeth and they put in in crooked. its ok though, cause in about 2-3 weeks dr griffin will have made my permanent one and itll look like its been there all my life!

i think thats about it. ive got stitches in my gum, but i dont know hw many. its this really dark purplihs color, but you cant really see up there cause of my swollen lip.

friday after i had gotten home, kasey made me laugh. it made my mouth bleed and i was freaking out. dad went back to work and mom was at the store so i was like crying and scared. i was afraid i had moved the little bone graph. turns out everything was ok.

i hope the swelling will have gone down by tomorrow.

its been real.