03.15.04 4:57 pm
im milking this one for all its worth, baby!

im still very homesick for him. i miss his every physical detail. i miss his voice. i cant believe i messed up my first, and proabably last, chance at a high school relationship.

i contradict the fuck out of myself.

i didnt go to school today. i went back to the dmv to face off in round two! and bam! i totally koed! but seriously, i was there for quite awhile, and after missing five questions, got my permit! i wish i could have gotten it friday, because now with the horribly disfigured swollen face... well, i look like i have down syndrome. you know what was crazy? jake came to the dmv! i texted him saying i was there today and he said he was coming, too. so that was pretty neat. he finally got his permit (he failed it twice before) today.

after that i came home around 11:30ish and watched mona lisa smile. i liked it. it made me desperately want to watch other happy cheesey movies though, and so that kinda frustrated me, haha.

then i made-over that hello kitty wallet i got sunday. since my pochocco one broke, i wanted a replacement, but they dont make many plastic ones like they used to. so i bought a cheesey one and glued newpaper clippings on it and then taped over that. im waiting for dad to get back with duct tape so i can reinforce the sides. i doubt it will last very long... but it looks pretty nifty.

im going to make a new bag, too, as soon as i can find the material i want. i think im going to do it in corduroy. how do you spell that anyways?

well, looks like im going to have to go to school tomorrow. i really dont want to, what with this swolen lip and all. i know, im being shallow, but if gotten enough looks from strangers and im tired of being the shady one! *sigh* im falling so far behind in art though.

its been real.