03.16.04 4:14 pm
i was such a downer today

i have never ever ever wanted to be nothing so bad.

why cant i just let things like this go?

what am i so afraid of?

i hate it. its all my fault and i know it. i dont see why i cant just move on. i made a mistake. ill have other chances in the future, maybe not soon, but theyll be there. ive learned. but i still want that same thing. i want him.

tomorrow i have a therapist visit. ill be getting those self help for the bad conversationist books. ill ask her about getting over boys. i dont mind letting everything out to her, she doesnt matter. i dont have to face her and shes paid to listen to this shit. i dont worry what she thinks of me. its her job.

tomorrow is also st paddys day. i shall be wearing green, and if weather permits, a skirt.

ok, so holy shit, my sister got a diary. go there and laugh at her. just dont tell her who i am or you shall die! it doesnt matter though, im locked. but seriously, hahaha, my sister. *laughs then cries* my stitches are literally splitting. ha. i know, so funny. wait, nevermind, i just combined two sayings into one, "in stitches" and "side-splitting". i cant even pun right.

its been real.