03.20.04 1:44 pm

my dad is driving me fucking insane. he keeps walking around and bah!

every now and then ill think about it, and i kinda freeze. i almost cried in the car. gosh damn what the fuck? get over it allyson! yesterday me and jake ran into him, and i smiled. he acted like i wasnt there. was he ignoring me cause i ignore him? i didnt that time. jake says he didnt see me. holy fuck youve got to be blind. i hate this. why cant i move on?

well, babysitting was a breeze, and i am now $60 less poor! today i am going to buy the yeah yeah yeahs and the vines new album. the rest im going to save for the show in april so i can buy some serious bk and dcfc merch. ill get paid at the end of the month, too. i dunno, i might buy some ridiculously over priced and frilly panties. im in the mood for frills. dont ask.

maybe later ill go into detail about lat night, im not in the mood now.

my moms off antiquing somewhere... i really wanna burn some cash. dads being gay. ugh.

its been real.