03.31.04 4:56 pm
my dog just ate one of my little ponies...

i feel like shit. ive been off my pump for over three hours. what the hell? i know.

anywho, ive nothing to say, really. things between me and the ex are the same. today we walked down the hall right next to each other and nothing was said, no glances, nothing. he just continued to talk to doug and i chatted away with ashlie. dunno how i feel about it really, yeah its horrible, but im trying my best not to care, and its kinda working. i almost feel as if he isnt real... if that makes sense to you guys. its exactly how i feel.

today in stage craft we watched the labrynth. there was a total of about five people in our class because all the junoirs and seniors were either watching the talent show or in it. anywho, as you know, the labrynth was the movie jeff and i saw when we first kissed. but i didnt get emotional when i watched it, i actually slept through i great deal of it. so go me!

ew, im not even dating the guy anymore and ive already talked about him most of this entry.

dannys grounded from music and im assuming just about everything else. that sucks massive amounts of ass. he says he might not be going to the dcfc/bk show. im definately going to have to call him about that one, that is, if his parents deny him that. ill just have to talk to mrs jeannie. thats not how you spell her name, is it?

so the talent show was today! it was muchos better than the last one, though i was one of the few people who thought so. many laughs were had and tears were shed. oh so lovely.

im feeling so happy latey! its nice. its like i felt at the begining of the year. so satisfied. minus the whole friend thing... my status hasnt changed but im ok with it. though my therapist thinks otherwise. psh, what-ever!

did i tell you i mowed the front lawn yesterday? the grass was averaging about six inches in height, and since everyone else was either damn lazy or sick, i decided to take matters into my own hands... and nearly killed several baby bunnies. its too cold to mow today, so ill finish it later. *sigh* thats one of those times where you wish you had an older brother.

im talking to dusty. that kids triflin.

yeah im a fucking loser. but, like many other things, i dont know how i feel about that.

its been real.