04.01.04 4:35 pm
"all the children are insane, waiting for the summer rain"

*sigh* why am i lying to myself? bah!

being a "teenager" is stupid. when will being nobody be ok? if you tell me never...

what am i missing? chances are i dont mean that like youll take it. im not eloquent enough.

im getting my hair cut/done tomorrow. then ill be going nowhere, but with a new style.

spring break starts on good friday- or should i say, awesome friday. then the weekend after that ill be at rcktown, im oh-so-exctied.

why am i choosing to listen to the doors now? ive a few reasons, but all are really pathetic. and if you know me, that right there will have given my reasons away.

but noone does anymore. im so slow. inept. retarded.

yeehaw. i said i was happy today. jake didnt believe me.

what does that say about me?

i really need to finish the lawn, but it keeps raining and stuff. at least the front is done.

i want it to be easy. even when i know it never will.

ah, i really want to feel the weight again. good times.

its been real.