04.05.04 6:09 pm
we see each other and pretend we dont exsist, is it always like that?

why is jake calling me and why does he have a diary? speaking of which, i need to drop danny a line before i have to go to the dcfc/bk show with my mom.

so i just got back from my four o'clock with the therapist (dont you just love rush hour?!). the secrets out, i have mild depression. now i am immensley popular with the emo kids and shall use my stories to score points with lame-os like rachel. not. i just want to correct myself. dr walker (i remembered her name!) says im so down on myself because i dont work up to my full potential, and i dont work up to my full potential because im down on myself. just your average every-day vicious cycle. so hopefully ill start doing things again. itll take some pushing though, believe you me.

im really really really really really really really really hungry. my stomach is so empty.

um, i kinda love pink floyd a lot. thank you.

has it been that long since ive written? im working my way to being totally over jeff. seriously. today wouldve been our five month mark, but i dont care!

or do i? *shifty eyes*

um, ive an essay due tomorrow in world geo... im contemplating doing it. since i didnt take my book home, itll take mucho efforto to do. my paper on harring/rockwell is due thursday, as is the corresponding clay piece... which im not even half way through yet. good one, allyson! though im fucking amazed by what ive done... but the legs are going to be a bitch. *sigh*

so hungry! and now i have to pee...



its been real.