04.07.04 6:39 pm
do i want to give myself a break down? haha, i act as if ive a lot on my plate.

why oh why do i put everything off till the last minute? i have an art paper due tomorrow on two artists. granted theyre both pretty well known (keith haring and norman rockwell). um, that sentance really doesnt fit, but whatever. oh my god, look at me! i should be typing my report but im here, typing nothing! nothing! this journal will get me nowhere and yet i insist on writing in it. whats the deal?


today i had two appointments, one ortho and the other daibetes. i will definately catch it from mrs k-b tomorrow, i missed the after school work. oh well.

i can hear my sister writing on the typewriter from here. that thing is so loud! i love it.

tomorrow is the last day! spring break here i come! yeeeeee haw! oh wait, ive no plans... noone to see...

except the dcfc/bk show.

listen to this: my whole spring break is absolutely loaded with various doctors appointments. what the hell? i guess i could just drop dead at any moment. lets see...

theres the dermatologist

the therapist

the periodontist

anotherorthodontist visit

and maybe ill get to squeeze the dentist in there, too.


i think faren will be coming back from d.c. soon. she better be anyways, im sick of her punk ass little dick pissing all over my room. what the fuck? so this weekend ill definately be putting anything washeable into the machine and renting a carpet cleaner. damn.

what fun, eh?

its been real.