04.11.04 9:53 pm

i feel lame.

theres that shoe project i must do! im excited about it though. i hope mrs k doesnt get mad at me.

i saw brittany and friend at kroger. i was grocery shopping with my mom. they were buying laxatives for pranks. dont i feel cool?

well i am.

ive been driving a lot as of late. all i do when i drive is think, and almost resulted in crying. shame on me!

im tired. i think i might turn in early. im thinking about rising with the sun and running/jogging/walking briskly tomorrow morning. if i do, ill be doing it all break and perhaps carry it over to when school gets back. i doubt it though, if i wont wake up early to beautify myself (hahaha, what a joke!) then i probably wont for a little stroll. though it would be lovely in the morning.

eh, thats all.

its been real.