04.13.04 7:22 pm
i just watched the yellow submarine, now on to the wall!

*sigh* medication. what the hell is that? prescription happiness. who would want it? and why do they want it for me? how in the hell is feeling something fake a good thing? oh boo hoo, i may not be feeling up to par on a daily basis, but atleast what im feeling now is real. this is life, damnit, and i have this feeling medication isnt going to change it. but whatever. they want me to consider it, and i might. because adults know best, right?

never knows best.




ok, you caught me, damnit. i totally got that last line from a cartoon. yeah, not any cartoon, but a japanese one. "anime", if you will. im sorry. amazing animation is amazing animation. you caught me. but in my defense, its my sisters dvd, not mine.

anywho, since i totally broke the mood with that paragraph... if i stay serious for too long ill ramble and not make sense.

you know, its a crying shame its so hard to find vintage stores around middle tennessee. i guess were a mall state. but im so tired of that. id like to be original, please. no matter how hard i try to mix american eagle, wet seal, random old clothes from the depths of my closet, and goodwill... i still look like everyone else. well, except for the leg warmers incident... and we dont speak of that.

ive got my art project to work on. i think ive said that in all my recent entries. bah.

um so yeah, dcfc/bk. im fucking flying solo, baby! though it wouldve been neat to go with danny, im so pumped at going stag! hahaha, im expecting some magical indie fairy tale, and ill just end up crying in the back of the room because the music is so amazing and im alone. hahaha, yeah, i can see that.

did i mention that mom will be sitting in the parking lot for the duration of the show? hahaha, shes soooo worried!

mm, my sister is demanding her online time, and ive totally lost my train of thought. damn, what a brat. though i could easily say the same for myself somtimes. hahaha.

its been real.