04.15.04 12:39 pm
im in check

did i say it snowed tuesday? well it did. and today its quite warm.

ive been driving a lot lately. just thought id let ya know.

yesterday i went to the dermatologist. she perscribed some antibiotics and a mask. i tried the mask last night, it was lovely! i love masks. i like peeling the crap off. and then you feel soooo refreshed afterwards. anywho, she said that stress can be a trigger of a break out (told ya so) and im positive in this case it was, seeing how it corresponded with the break up. so now im on my way to having a clear face! yee haw!

two days till the big show! im so pumped! ben kweller was on conan last night, talk about a coincidence! talk about bad spelling!

i feel really really really lame.

today i let my hair curl. it looks pretty insane. it looks better when its longer... short + crazy curls = retarded

i really need to clean my room and get started on my art project.

today mom is taking a friend out to lunch and then to the airport. dads at work. so im totally alone, save my sister. if only i had a life. hahaha.

i think i have some sort of emotional problem. i just cant fucking let jeff go. its insane. espcially since i dont even talk to him. i just think about him. maybe its not him i want its the relationship, and since hes the last thats how im personifying it? is personify the correct word? convey? i dunno.

ive rented quite a few movies lately. so far ive watched pink floyds, the wall. let me tell you, that bob geldof (pink) is sexy. hes probably really old and gross know, but in the movie... yum! i also rented the beatles yellow submarine. its been awhile since ive seen this one. it makes me want to go rent help again. i really like the style of animation, so seventies. i just love that movie. i also watched kill bill part 1 last night. im thinking about going and seeing part 2 tomorrow. its rated r though. hm...

i really love the song "hey bulldog!" by the beatles. i shall put the lyrics here for you all to enjoy.

sheepdog standing in the rain bullfrog doing it again some kind of happiness is measured out in miles what makes you think youre something special when you smile

you can talk to me you can talk to me if youre lonely you can talk to me

childlike noone understands jack knife in your sweaty hands some kind of innocence is measure out in years you dont know what it is to listen to your fears

you can talk to me you can talk to me if youre lonely you can talk to me

big man waiting in the dark wig wam frightened of the dark some kind of solitude is measured out in you you think you know it but you havent got a clue

you can talk to me you can talk to me if youre lonely you can talk to me

hey bulldog! hey bulldog! hey bulldog!

watching yellow submarine made me want to bust out my guitar and play. so i did. lemme tell you, i was waaaaay rusty. i think this summer i might reteach myself everything, and then some. i still have the books from when i took lessons last year. yeah, ill be doing something this summer aside from laying around and feeling sorry for myself. who knows? maybe things will change.

hahahahahhaha, yeah right.

its been real.