04.18.04 10:49 am
jolly good show!

im kinda curious as to why so many people are online on a sunday morning... including me.

last night was awesome.

i got there about a quater till eight and bought a dcfc t shirt. its very cute.

pedro the lion... i think they were a christian band. i wasnt feeling them too much, and neither was the audience.

ben kweller was kinda dissapointing. but only a little. i liked him. it was so funny, when he ran on stage, some kid beside me was like, "thats him?" and another "hes like, 10." i thought that was sooo funny. he was like a kid though, when he was performing. he was literally playing. it was cute. he told a couple jokes and a story about how his bass player broke his wrist play whiffle ball. we laughed and he was like, "i dont appreciate that."

between sets was incredibly lame. only because i was alone. i got assulted by a couple of slayer fans. they were funny though.

death cab took quite awhile to set up, but it was totally worth it. they were amazing. they played untill about 11ish. but wow. i really dont have anymore i can add to that. they were just freakin awesome.

i just wish i had dragged (drug?) someone along... they were selling tickets at the door, hahaha.

but good times. i didnt get home till about midnight, and now ive got a really bad headache. dunno why.

ive got this really bad feeling, too. like im missing something or ive left something important or lost something or something. its horrible and i hate it.

i think im going to take the medicine. what have i got to lose?

i was thinking about going to m'boro today to visit faren, but ive got to finish my shoes. i think im changing it to "disco" instead of "rave". though i dont know how well that one will work out.

asdghasdkjfaksjdf and here comes sister breaking my train of thought. bleh!

its been real.