05.06.04 3:46 pm
today we sang many an old song.

i feel odd. maybe it had to do with signing yearbooks. like, im tallying up my friends and what not, reviewing the year, and it just makes me feel...

...just not good.

but tomorrow were going to the frist! im excited! but apparently not as excited at shanna... she picked out the outfit she is going to wear last week. :/ thats so... wow. but im getting a disposable camera tonight and collecting money from my parents for lunch and things. shanna said last time she went on an art trip, they went to borders... so perhaps ill be able to pick up a book or cd or two. i <3 borders.

ive decieded im going to blockquote an entry from my yearbook everyday. just because im retarded like that. i just love it when people give their opinions of me... does that make me vain or narcissisticisiissct? could i spell any worse?

my head hurts. its hurt pretty much all day. i was thinking about sexy... just thought id share that with you. maybe i mean sexy as a person or sexy as a concept. who knows?

today alan got in trouble for stepping out of class to say "hi" to me. isnt that great? he says they "dont know what to do with him." hahaha.

i dont like my deoderant. you can smell it. my other deoderant smelled, but it wasnt noticeable. i like discreet things. except when youre hinting at me. itd be in your best interest to be quite blunt, as im pretty oblivious.

today in world geography we wrote letters to this girl in west virignia. mine was really long. i feel like such a dork for that. i just loooove writing letters. remember? i wrote like 5 people letters and the never wrote back. theyre so fun! gah.

i guess im too different.

Allyson~ it's been funny the way you talk to yourself in class! I got a kick out of it! You're a great person! You're nice to me but deep down inside I probably get on your nerves! j/k. Mr. Cothren was the bomb! Hope to have another class w/ you soon! Have a great summer.


Kenny Barcus

hahaha, little freshmen boys amuse me soooo much. pedophile? you bet.

its been real.