05.10.04 3:48 pm
im working "made" into everything i say and the guestures are coming along quite nicely

bwahahahaha. this is freaking hilarious. the kids (producers, im assuming) of mtvs "made" are coming to hendersonville high oh thursday for preliminary interviews. hendersonville high, of all god-forsaken places. yeah, ive totally bought into it and im going to "try out". everyones got the same dream- rockstar, model, actor/actress... but i tried to be a little original. i want them to help me with a cartoon series, but not a childrens one. the more i think about it though, the less clever i feel about it. i mean, i dont think im clever enough to make a remotely funny one. (any suggestions?) but anywho, it should be hilarious thursday afternoon. are they going to pope?

today was weird. i was pretty happy.

ive eaten sooo many jordan almonds. those things are the shit.

lollapalooza, what a let down.

how far away is illinois?

ive got to pee.

yeah, that was basically it.

oh, jakes going to the hospital for a scan of his "special area". i told him to call me when he got back. i highly doubt its cancer, in fact, id be pretty willing to be my life on it. how ironic would that be? with the relay for life being last friday. i keep teasing him about it. im a horrible person.

speaking of horrible person, i bought ok computer sunday, and i was kinda dissapointed. oh well. i still like it, its just that kid a is sooo much better. ill grow on it, i usually do.

elephant was... i loved it. my parents thought it was too slow, but i liked it. next up: super size me. a documentary about mcdonalds and the fast food weight gain thing. ive heard its really funny. i want to go to cannes one year. that would be amazing.

im getting my "happy pills" tomorrow, and the wednesday im going to see dr walker again. i think ill discuss im bouts of blind optimism. theyre kinda annoying.

ive had so many appointments... it sucks. im going to have to go back to the orthodontist about this retainer. what a pain.

speaking of which, im really really really really scared i fucked up my tooth. i accidentally chewed/bit down on it a couple of times. god, that would be absolutely devastating. you dont understand. if i fuck this up, thats it.

nashville, i love you!

its been real.