05.11.04 2:38 pm
jakes dog died today.


that made thing, well, rumor has it that its a senior prank! how funny is that?! and i fell for it: hook, line, and sinker! i wonder if wordll get around and if people believe it, i wonder if anyone will still be there on thursday? i did go to the mtv page last night to check out casting, and it didnt say anything about going around. wow, what a greak prank!

i just got back from the dr. my dads filling the prescription for the antidepressants as i type. i dont like to start new medication untill saturday morning though. tomorrow afternoon ive got another apointment with dr walker. and i think thats about it for doctors appointments for awhile, at least, i hope so.

i heart the who.

danny asked me if i still talked with jeff, cause one of his friends recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years, and they dont talk! i find it ridiculous! i mean, i know either party doesnt want a relationship like the one before, but why not friends? i mean, jeffs a cool kid, and i love talking to cool kids. like i said before, its damn frustrating and i dont understand it. whats worse, is im not trying to make an attemp either. i guess thats just how it goes in high school. us lame teenagers.

so jake doesnt have testicular cancer! hes just been doing a little too much mastrubating. did i spell that right?

i end a good 29% of my paragraphs that way.

justins been acting like an ass about abortion the past couple of days. hes got everyone else acting like narrow-minded fools, too. calling me "baby killer" because im pro-choice. its mostly guys who are anti-choice, and it just blows my mind. i really dont think we should leave it up to a bunch of men to decided on a feminin issue. what also pisses me off is the kids who claim to be anti-choice wont take the fucking time to listen to the pro-choice side. or, like justin, theyre too fucking ignorant to consider the instances. he doesnt believe that there is any case in which it would be ok to abort a pregnancy. i wonder what mrs elmore was thinking this whole time, what with her just recently giving birth to her first child.

taigan told me her little brother, lake, was diagnosed with diabetes last night. i felt really bad for her and incredibly bad for him. his was much worse when they found it, and hes had to stay in the emergency room over night. i hope he makes it ok. poor kid. hes only 9. i was ten days shy of my 10th birthday. thats so horrible. i hope its not too bad for him. i think ill make him a card.

right now.