05.17.04 11:06 am
oh darn! im missing writing haikus in world geography... and i dont know if im being sarcastic or not...

gah i feel really bad. i started the antidepressants saturday, and theyve been going ok till today. i feel so naseaus (wow, i cant spell) and dizzy. i had to leave school this morning, but i really want to go back. i feel like crap though, i havent been sleeping well at all because of the meds, so im like really tired but cant sleep. insomniac. but yeah. so mom thinks i should hold off on the medication till schools out so we can try and work on it without interferance.

speaking of insomniac, i bought that album this weekend. im not too impressed. i know i said that about ok computer (which i love now) but i dont think this will grow on me. oh well. i also bought "you can play these songs with chords" or something like that by dcfc. i really shouldnt buy albums without checking into them first, but i was so hungry for some dcfc that i couldnt wait. i dont really like it because its a compilation of sorts. i havent even listened to it all the way through yet. but that may just be because im on such an overpowering radiohead hike. yeah. yeah. yeah.

what little i was at school was really entertaining. im going to miss mitch. i absolutely adore his wit.


the computer isnt exactly helping my dizziness.

its been real.