05.18.04 6:44 pm

i hadnt eaten anything all day but i did a couple hours ago and now my stomach hurts.

lets see...

today i acted odd. i wasnt feeling great at all (but better than yesterday) but i still acted crazy and hyper.

i hate jeff and co.

actually i hate the whole teenage awkwardness. or maybe its just me thats so incredibly awkward, because i am. so incredibly awkward.

my forehead itches, actually.

the only reality tv shows i like are the ones that are broadcasted on pbs. you know, colonial house. hahaha, im such a dork.

im anxious. im anxious to find a boy, but i wont. not on my own, anyways. im way too timid to make a move. i completely underestimate myself. not that i am, in reality, a total sex bomb, because im not. maybe i should think like i am. maybe thats the key. i remember someone talking on tv, saying "fake confidence". um, i just quoted a talk show.

please, shoot me.

because i feel like being total random, and ruining whatever coolness i may have had with you, my reader...

nevermind, i totally chickened out. you would never look at me the same if i had typed what i was planning on. haha.

its been real.