05.23.04 12:19 pm

this summer i am going to wear nothing but skirts and sundresses. yesterday i bought two skirts, but im having a hard time finding sundresses anywhere. i am scouring for vintage boutiques.

yesterday i got information on where to buy a sitar! im sooo excited! the ladies at sam ash told me that theres a worldy music store in the green hills area. im so fucking thrilled.

also! panera is hiring! theres one going up here in hville, and so im going to drop by and get info about getting a job. i really hope beyond hope that they hire 16 year olds. espcially spazstic ones like me. that raises the question though... would they fire me if i dyed my hair red or purple?

so ive got a list of things i want to accomplish this summer:

get a job (panera!?)

dye hair funky color

buy sitar

find someone to teach me/teach myself

buy that hello kitty beach bike

find clothing stores that i actually like

have a fling

grow my hair out?

revamp my room

expand my cd collection

i think thats about it...

they wanted me to go to graduation, but i didnt. why would i? jake left me a threatening voice mail.

im still suffering from whatever. i guess its allergies.

well, moms here and im going to mboro!

its been real.