05.24.04 5:29 pm
but i hate fast food places and grocery stores...


i just applied for my first real job. i babysit for my church, and technically it is a real job, but anyone willing to work can get hired there and though the pay is good, the hours are horrible. i work about 5 hours a month every-other month. so anywho.

i went to panera and filled out an application. going there i was so psyched and sure id get a job there. on an ego high. but as i was filling out the application, i realized i was asking too much for a starting rate ($6/H) and i didnt have all the information i needed (former job phone numbers). and it being my first job, i didnt know how much i could work or what job i could do. so i requested six hours a day, five days a week, but said i could work whenever for however long six days a week. i guess i was pretty vague. so right there, i feel shot. not to mention there were about five other people turning in/filling out applications while i was there. one of them being andrea. now i know shell get a job. shes a tall pretty long-haired blonde, with a license. me, on the other hand, an average-height plain-looking short curly-haired brunette who came driven by my balding father. so know i think i have about a snowballs chance in hell. he shook my hand (i forgot how weak my handshake was) and told me hed call for interviews. right. then i walked away as i remembered i had black paint on my ass from stagecraft. way to make a first impression. bah!

i better start applying for jobs at mcdonalds or kroger. *sigh*

its been real.