06.04.04 9:36 pm
get up and go with lexapro!

i just finished watching love actually. its a very good movie. i liked it a lot. it made me kinda sad though.

my favorite old actor? alan rickman.

sometimes ill see things or remember things that make me angry. angry about me and jeff. or angry and jeff. or angry about how i handled the whole thing. its all very sad, yes. why am i so slow at letting go and moving on? i wish there was a switch, or better yet, a pill. im used to taking those.

my sister says my lexapro makes me crazy. perhaps it does, a little. i havent noticed any changes yet, and thats fine, because this isnt a instant miracle pill. im anxious to see the change in me.

ive been seraching for a job but to no avail. i keep choosing weird places (not chains) that arent hiring. or places where i need to be a little older. i dunno. i waited too late, everyones already caught the summer job wave. i might just have to lower myself to a fast food chain or grocery store. ill shoot for the latter, first.

me and my family (save dad) went to see harry potter and the prizoner of azkaban with jake and his family (save his dad and adding a cousin). i was a bit dissapointed in the movie. there was a change in directors and dumbledores, but i guess i shouldnt complain. ill go over my little list later. it was cool seeing jake again. that makes two weeks in a row ive done something with people! woo hoo go me!

i think im going to go watch another movie now... maybe girl with a pearl earring or in america. do you underline movies? or italizize them? or perenthesis? could i spell any worse?

its been real.