06.08.04 1:38 pm
drop me a line

i keep having dreams about people i havent talked to/seen in quite awhile. last night it was about amy and bailey. weird.

today i have a doctors appointment. they might up my dosage of lexapro. i dont mind. i guess.

im thinking about dragging my mom to the mall after the appointment. i want another pair of sneakers. thats kinda bad though, seeing as i hardly ever wear the last two pair i bought. mom hasnt noticed though. i think i get enough wear out of the black pair to make up for it. i think ill designate the red and white ones as "special occasion" sneakers. hahaha.

im kinda tired of asking various establishments if they are hiring or not. its getting annoying how many "no"s or "how old are you"s im recieve. i think i might apply at target. discounts on scarves and crayola products.

the hair on the left side of my head is kinda reluctant to curl today.

i want to get a job at a place where i can dye my hair. i dont think im old enough to work at hottopic, but how ironic would that be, me working there? maybe fye... theyre cds are waaaay overpriced. suncoast? i think the age issue at all of those places is iffy. bah.

my dog is so cute. i love that gimp ear of hers. i want another greyhound. perhaps i can convince my mom to chip this august? i might be taking lori to a greyhound only obedience class later this summer. its just that i dont know where to start when it comes to training. i definately need help. lalala.

my sister just got her long awaited package from nintendo. now im being forced to play her new game.

its been real.