06.10.04 8:54 am
ive got business

being mature is knowing you can do whatever you want and that noone can really make you do anything but instead you follow rules and do what the higher-ups ask of you. i think.

therapy went very nicely! i didnt cry! i think that was the first time (or maybe the second, why would i cry at an introductory session?)! yeah, im taking the medication and i think its helping a little. slowly but surely.

me and mom went to borders after my appointment. i talked her into buying lennon legends. its an amazing book about john lennon (duh) and its got all this neat stuff in it you can take out and junk. then we ate a noshville. i just got a grilled cheese, i wasnt that hungry and wasnt feeling too adventerous. obviously.

i really have to mow the lawn today. it cant be put off any longer. i just hate doing it so much...

hahahaha brookes new diary is named "i love al." at first i thought that might be someone else diary... *shudders to think*

so yeah, loads of chores to do today. i really want to read my new book.

its really early.

its been real.