07.26.04 2:42 pm
im kinda hungry

why do i do this to myself??? every once in awhile ill step outside and either laugh at my pathetic ass or shake my head in utter shame. ill guess itll finally be over when he graduates next year. what a lameass.

um, today is my dads birtday. ill make him a card sooner or later. i dont know what to write in those anymore, i dont have anything cute or innocent to say. i just want to verbally piss on him. maybe ill draw my abstract people. oh how i love them so.

tomorrow i have an appointment with dr walker. ill probably just discuss the little rumble i had with my parents on religion and church yesterday. i stayed home and we pretty much fought over lunch. i ended up crying in the end. i get so passionate about my feelings and opinions and its difficult to eloquently express them to other people. its hard to organize my feelings and just break down and cry. still, they wouldnt give up the fight to force me to attend church and sunday school. and i still dont understand why they think its so important for me to go. i wish theyd let me believe what i believe and just worry about their souls. bah!

the little kitten my sister got is so sweet. it curls up with me and sleeps. my sister is afraid ill "steal" it from her. i cant help it that animals prefer me to her.

so... two-ish weeks untill school starts. it went by so fast. still, im ready. im just dissapointed that i didnt get to have a fling. probably because i stayed holed-up in my house all summer. hahaha.

im so pumped about the vintage shopping excursion in my near future. but ive lost my train of thought.

theres a guy from mcclouds at the door. i dont feel like dealing with them, but i guess i should, eh?

its been real.