08.03.04 10:49 am
yeah, im a loser

i stole this from danny, because answering a survey is easier than pouring your heart out, and i havent been doing that at all lately.

Do you get online a lot?: i havent been on much lately, and im damn proud of myself

Are you shy or outgoing?: i used to be very outgoing, then i was shy, and now im taking pills

Do you shower?: yes

How easily do you trust people?: its not really a question of trust...

Have you ever lied to your bestfriends?: i dont lie (er, except to my parents), whats the point?

Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?: of course, who doesnt?

Do you like to dance?: not really, i mean, i have no rythm. although my exercise (sp, right?) regimin (i cant spell) includes crazy dancing to super funk

Have you ever been out of state?: wouldnt that be sad if i said no? yes, i have been out of state

Have you ever been expelled from school?: no

Have you ever been suspended from school?: no, but if all goes according to plan, i might miss a few days in the future... heh heh heh

Do you want to get out of your hometown?: god, do i ever

Are you spoiled?: not in the rich kid way, but i am a little, i can talk my mom into anything

Are you a brat?: unfortunately, yes.

Have you ever been dumped?: yup

What's your favorite drink?: theres really nothing better than a nice cold glass of water

Do you like Snapple?: yes

Do you drink a lot of water?: yup

Do you have a cell phone or pager?: yeah and its cheap and ugly!

Have you ever been to Six Flags?: no, im not a amusement park kinda girl. something about the hicks and the vomit

What name brand do you wear the most?: what a dumb question

What kind of jewelry do you wear?: homemade

What do you have pierced?: ive had my ears pierced several times int he past, but its all closed up

What do you want pierced?: i desperately want my lip pierced. ive almost talked my mom into it, but she says dad will divorce her. ive got a grand master plan for running of when we go to florida and getting it done via fake id

Do you like taking pictures?: yeah, but they all seem to get deleted thanks to my genius father

Do you like getting your picture taken?: i have the ugliest smile known to mankind.

Do you have a tan?: compared to my natural complexion, im very tan, but compared to everyone else im just as pale as before

Do you get annoyed easily?: its a wonder how fast your family can drive you to insanity

Do you have your own phone/phone line?: i have a phone in my room but not my own line

Do you have your own pool?: yeah

Do you have any siblings?: i have an older and younger sister. i am the blessed middle child (not)

Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: um, i prefer panties, string bikinis

Have you ever been played?: no

Have you ever played anyone?: not intentionally (some more great spelling!)

Do you get along with your parents?: i usually get along with my mom but i super dislike my father

How do you vent your anger?: i usually bottle it up untill i go into a random crying fit or i write in my pen and paper or draw

Have you ever run away?: no

Do you daydream a lot?: i guess you could call it daydreaming

Do you run your mouth?: almost constantly

What do you want a tattoo of?: a syringe

favorite flowers?: i like gerber daisies, but im not really a fan of flowers

innie or outie?: innie

Could you ever be a vegetarian?: yeah, im not really a big meat person

When was your last real heartbreak?: april 6th

If you had to dye your hair it'd be what color?: ive given up on red so im contemplating black

Would you ever date someone younger than you?: probably not, i hate the class of '07 and '08 is my sisters class

Would you ever date someone older than you?: ive only ever dated someone older than me, haha

Have you ever had an eating disorder?: not yet, but i might give anorexia a try

How many rings until you answer the phone?: who the fuck thought up this question? <---- what he said

Do you look more like your mother or father?: ive got such a balanced blend of their worst attributes that i look like niether

Are you the romantic type?: yes, im so romantic that no guy could possibly live up to those expectations, hahaha, im still a seven year old girl waiting for her prince *reads what she just wrote and drinks a glass of bleach*

In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: thats stupid, someones hair color has nothing to do with their personality. i prefer brunettes

Is your best friend a virgin?: i dont have a best friend, but all my friends and accquaintances (sp) im pretty sure are

What theme does your room have?: it looks like a scrap book. the furniture is from a green and purple motif and my walls have been doodled on and are coverd in pictures and posters things. i love it!

Would you marry for money?: no

What do you drive?: if i had my license id be driving a '74 nova, hahaha

For two million dollars, would you pose for Playboy?: id probably do it for much much less. i mean, how flattering is it to be asked to pose for playboy?