08.05.04 11:06 am
sweet mother of pineapple

last sunday lori graduated from her beginners obedience class. i was so proud! i know i sound really corny and stuff, just because shes a dog, but shes like my baby! hahaha. anywho, kat, the trainer, said lori could do commercials and things. she said that lori has great attention, and i might admit, when make a pretty rockin team. we were best in the class, too. i really want to get lori qualified to be a canine good citizen so we can go to hospitals and nursing homes and things and cheers up children and the elderly. i think that would be so amazing and rewarding. im so excited. ive been getting a little slack on her training though, so id better pick it up, eh?

this afternoon i have an interview at foodfuckinglion. i thought my chances there we kaput and i was already looking forward to the job of my choice later on in the school year, i mean, i applied there at least a month ago. so im not to excited about that, not in the least. but i will be getting some green, so that really helps out with my plans. getting a sitar, piercing my lip... etc.

yesterday i went to see cindy lynburger, not dr russell. i didnt get lectured, which was awesome, but we did discuss things. my hga1c was 9.9%, 3.9% over normal (thats an average bloodsugar of 237 apposed to the normal 120). i was right on the money with my prediction. anywho, i got my paper signed and filled out so i can get my license, and then we went over precautions and things that come with being a diabetic driver. what i pain in the ass. did you know they revoke your license for a year if you get pulled over for driving impaired by lowblood sugar?! the first time!! they dont even do that for duis!!! bah! dr cindy and dr russell both commented on my demenor. they said i seemed much better since therapy and meds. im really happy about that, because i do feel better! dr russell is such a sweet man. im going to hate having to move out of pediatrics. cindy and i discussed getting my bloodsugar back to normal. i told her i was worried about gaining weight. she said that my weight was already a bit below what it should be for my height, and that if anything i need to gain weight! but im happy with my body right now. so of course, she recommened exercise. no problem, i can go out with lori every night or morning and walk or jog or something. so... i think thats about it.

urgh, my moms going to paneras with a friend. its pretty sad when your mom has a life and you dont. well, i guess its just sad that i dont have one. oh well.

i feel pretty sexy right now. dont laugh! im only wearing this old thin blue heart tank and a pair of panties, but i feel very sexy! i still have that just-got-out-of-bed look, hahaha. i wish everyone could see my and revel in me, even if they dont think im sexy in the least. mmm, maybe today i will explode.

i want my sister to come home so we can go shopping again. shes spending the week at farens house babysitting austin and his friend, douglas. shes making $100. *sigh*

oh well, i couldntve gone if i wanted to. i had two doctors appointments and an interview. i go to the doctors a lot. next week im seeing my periodontist. i call him chuckles, his like dr hibbard on the simpsoms except he laughs nonstop. you can barely understand him when hes talking. i cant believe i let that man drill a hole in my jaw.

im backing to reading a lot of books again. ive been checking out a lot of things about legends and superstition. right now im reading about the salem witch trials. its not really good bedtime reading. i also recently read the darwin awards. there was some nasty stuff in there. you know, there where hardly, if any, female darwin award winners. i have to admit, im not surprized.

im really into urban legend as of late. theres only one book on it at the library, and its a reference. bah! im just going to have to go buy it. maybe i should check out urban legend online. haha, what a dummy.

well, i guess i should take a shower or something. maybe eat.

its been real.