08.19.04 9:28 pm
you have a gas mask?!

dear god, i am about to kill my sister. lately shes got this horrible attitude. she is the most insufferable brat ever.

schools pretty much great. the only thing that sucks even slightly is lunch and the lack of cool kids in it. its almost... boring. english is awesome. i sit with a great bunch of guys. props to daniel, kyle, looper, and greg. today was basically nonstop laughter and looks from coach reynolds. i just wish i had a class or two with jake and danny. art is orgasmic. i love it. its almost identical to the group of kids in last years art class, which is fabulous. theres also that kid in there. tee hee! having classes with casey callis is sorta awkward. you should know why.

today i wore the slip over jeans number and i totally showed my mom. i got muchos complimentos and even inspired a couple of people, yay! daniel liked it, too, which is awesome. i almost value the opinions of those kind of kids more.

tomorrow i start my first day of work. ill be training from 6-10 at foodfuckinglion. someone should stop by and brighten my night. im putting in muchos applications else where in hopes to get the hell out of there as fast as i can.

today i realized how very relious other people are. its so weird. i dont feel like elaborating though, maybe next time.

its been real.