08.26.04 8:55 am
ive got gunk in every orifice... in my face.

so on the third day of working at hells grocery store, i quit mid-shift. im so glad i dont have to go back there. i was a mess though. ill spare you the details.

woo hoo! my mom is letting me apply at paneras! i just hope theyre still hiring. :/

so today im sick. i think jake gave me what he has... er... through text messaging.

dude, that kid just got a car! baaah. oh well, i still think mine is quite charming in an overly-quirky way. its so me. i just need to clean it and it still neads a bit of work. i get my license in less than a month! im sooooo happy!! me and jake are going to go together, since we just happened to get our permits at the same time. its crazy.

i guess i should use this time to catch up on the scarlet letter. man, i hate puritanistic writing. i cant wait till this is over. and that movie we have to watch... its so low budget in the worst way. at least it sticks to the book (though i wouldnt know, hahaha).

ok, well, i think ill go check out this swanky place before i go back to bed.

its been real.