09.09.04 4:46 pm
im just feeling all around sexish

just to let you all know, i wasnt at school yesterday because i nearly passed out during first block. im pretty sure everyone was looking at me like i was freakish as i slowly made my way out of the room. its kinda funny how everyone jumps on you in the office when you say youre faint. even the infamous coach frank was offering to get me crakers or cookies.

shit. i just remembered i forgot to fill out my attendance form. the one i need to get my license. oh and get this, apparently you have to bring your birth certificate in again. what the hell? its not like now im suddenly a native mexican or anything. i really have to find it this time.

its so great though. jake and i were planning (and still are) to get our licenses on monday. and now whitney says she might as well. now i can pass the time by hanging out instead of accidentally flirting with long-haired elvis look-alikes. ugh, how could i have done that?!

im also totally stoked that i get my picture retaken. noone else has the right to complain about their ids after seeing mine. like ive said before, i had just had my tooth put in a few days before, and my face was still quite swollen. so yeah, i look like i have down syndrome.

the whole reason i was updating was to say that im now failing art. i had a whole day yesterday to actually do my outside assignment, but nooo. i had to sleep. oh well. i totally aced that test we took today so thats a slight consolation.

speaking of which, i have an alebra test tomorrow as well as a 1200 word essay due. im not too worried about the essay. it has to be in the five paragraph format, and those are easy as hell.

oh god! i got the official sneakers of sex today! they finally arrived on my porch, waiting patiently as i walked down the cul-de-sac. oooh, theyre so hott and theyre soo comfortable. if it was physically possible to have sex with a pair of shoes, these would definately be my hos.

wow, now im just sounding freaky.

guess who talked to me today!? yeah, my secret crush whos name will never be revealed! he allllways makes it a point to come over to visit me during his breaks. i just wish hed talk. im left to make sad-ass comments on my work. puh-theh-tic.


its been real.