09.14.04 4:03 pm
oh curses!

free at last! free at last! thank the lord im free at laaaaaast!

yes kids, it can mean only one thing. i have finally gotten my license! and the nova is in (almost) perfect working order! it just needs a little body work. im still deciding on a paint color. god, this is orgasmic.

speaking of orgasmic. im applying for governors school of the arts! i would fucking cream myself if i made it. you have no idea how much it would mean to me. im not very confident in myself though. mrs kandros is, but im not so sure. oh well. but ahh! just the possibility!!! art is my passion.

i hate how you either have nothing to do or everything coincides at once! i have so much homework and i have to write a paper(s) for model un and im babysitting a lot! but i have to work. im going to need gas money. so ive dropped of an application at paneras and im going to apply online at target and best buy. i hope i get hired.

i have lots more to say but i think ill go now. i have to leave in an hour so ive got to fuck around while i can.

its been real.