09.22.04 3:57 pm
its so easy.

i said this year id pull it together. im doing worse than ever. my progress report was full of consonants. only one b. one b. what the hell. im trying to get it together but it seems the more i try the worse i do. i have 2 papers/articles that are long overdue, and i still havent started on one. my 1200 word essay only had about 500. god. college is coming. junior year is the most important year they say. im fucking up so badly. im turing into one of those kids. "she had so much potential," theyll say. "what happened to her?"

lalalalaaaaa, so i think i may be developing a crush on daniel morgan. isnt that weird? and as far as zach, i think im just intimidated by him. hell come to sit with me and i havent the slightest clue as to what to say to him. hes amazing. betsy seems to think he might be interested but i think he just pitys (pities?) me or something. theres a bit of an inferiority complex leaking in. i dont ever think im good enough for anyone. *sigh*

ok, well, im going to run to the post office to see if they have livestrong bracelettes, and then i swear im going to catch up on my homework.

its been real.