09.27.04 4:46 pm
i caught you a delicious bass

danny, i just read your diary, and since my computer wont let me leave notes for some crazy reason, i wish youd get help! i know that sounds "d.a.r.e." but i have some experience in the mental health department. good luck.

ok. so the weekend wasnt such a bust after all!

daniel called me saturday night and we went to the movies. he got there twenty minutes late, but whatever. i couldnt talk him into seeing napoleon dynamite so we saw the forgotten. as far as jumping out of your seat, it was awesome, but im not too sure about the story line. i had fun. there was one point were daniel looked over at me and i really wanted to kiss him but we burst out laughing. i know that sounds kinda gross. kissing daniel? but thats not something you can really help. going to the movies with him helped me realize that, gay or not, he wouldnt want a relationship with me.

danny if you say anything to him ill die. im still an immature innocent little schoolgirl. you too, whitney.

sunday i went to a park in ky with my mom. that was a total bust. i wanted to go do some sketches but this park was way to... domestic? i think there was like, one trail. no joke. i tried to sketch a couple of horses but one was too interested in my sketch book so i just ended up petting him.

today was what my homies might call "a'ight." i wore a jacket from the box of vintage clothes i got from my aunt. there was some crazy stuff in there. i think i might wear the red pants tomorrow.

zach offered me his huck fin english paper. i still think he just pities me. though i did catch him looking at me. which really wasnt a surprize, my jacket was kinda distracting. *sigh* hes sooooo fun to look at.

i really hate it when my dad tries to be interested in my life. he knows like nothing about me. and the thing is, as much as i complain about it, i wont let him get to know me. today he asked me if i had seen jake. what the hell kind of question is that?

i still dont have any takers for the postcard! whats up with you two!? girl.in.sneakers@juno.com seriously, i need someone to mail it to.

its been real.