09.28.04 5:58 pm
notthing that isnt art related... and zach totally counts because hes in my art class :P

:D :D :D :D :D :D

yesterday zach totally volunteered to give me his english paper from the book huckleberry finn. and today he gave it to me! hes awesome! i dont think i should take that as any sort of sign, but tell that to my pathetic little self. i cant even talk to him. blech, im a shame. today i caught him staring at me and even when i saw him staring he didnt look away. that freaked me out. it made me nervous so i sorta just fumbled around the rest of the period. i confuse myself. im so stupid.

i finallllly finished the line art portion of my postcard. its so awesome, if i do say so myself. and i still need someone to send it to, so drop me an email at: girl.in.sneakers@juno.com with your addy. im not the stalking type i just want to send it to someone who remotely appreciates art a fraction as much as i do. the front is great but the back is crap. speaking of poastcards! i got dannys today. i looks like its from the lord of the rings. crazy!

i really need to get my act together about my still life. ;lsdjfkl;asdjf!

i cant wait to color this bitch! *is on an art high*

oooh, were starting printmaking! las;kdfjasldkfj;la!!!

spazzes off into her own world...

its been real.